Monday, January 09, 2006

OK, OK, I give up

Here's a goddam meme for you. Follow THIS if you dare. The idea is shamelessly stolen from a Larry the Cable Guy special I saw last year.

I give you the "Kiss My Ass Meme"

If you want to rant and rave about how you think all public employees are worthless, and doubly so if they belong to a union, you may KISS MY ASS. Some of us earned our retirements. I earned TWO of them, and am well off, so you may KISS MY ASS AGAIN. If you feel like getting right into my face about it, I am a nasty old ARMED retired public employee, and in the end, you may think that KISSING MY ASS is the lesser of two evils.

If you wear a "Peace Symbol", better known as "The Great American Chicken Track", and think it is as acceptable as a Cross, or Star of David, or even the Two Goats Fucking of some far-off religion, you may KISS MY ASS. Your stupid trinket simply tells me that you worship at the Temple of Moonbatism, where the high priests, also known as Democrats, serve Kool-Aid to the penitents. Drink some, but you'd better hurry to KISS MY ASS, because that strychnine kicks in pretty fast...

I am an Air Force veteran, specifically a retired B-52 Navigator/Bombardier. I flew though flack traps in the Vietnam war and tempted a few SAM missileers as well. I didn't get down and dirty in the mud and blood and tears with the grunts, but I probably saved a few of their asses, and they are generally grateful for my service. Any of you armchair Generals who still think that flyboys can't and don't fight may KISS MY ASS. By the way, I AM fairly handy with a rifle, a skill I learned well before my Air Force days.

I am a computer geek-in-training by choice. When I want to play on my computer, I'll do that. I am slowly becoming more the master of it than it is of me, but if any of you is tempted to tell me I spend too much time at my computer and DON'T HAVE A LIFE, you may KISS MY ASS. In my 62 years I've probably lived a helluva lot more life than you, and if you read my blogs, you would know that.

I don't give a damn if you are some kind of opera diva, or pop-singing icon, or major actress, if you sing MY National Anthem at a major event, you'd better sing it with the music that was put to it shortly after Francis Scott Key wrote it. If you think you want to do a vibratto High-F, the goddam music doesn't call for that, and I don't give a flying fark if you ARE a diva, if you ruin the presentation of MY National Anthem that way, you may KISS MY ASS, and be quick about it, or I might kick yours, if we meet later, and I don't care if your gorilla bodyguard will then kick my ass severely, the pleasure I will get from kicking yours first will see me through the pain.

OK, you've been instructed. I expect to see some meme-following in the comments here, but don't get smartass on me, because YOU may then KISS MY ASS. That's BESAME MI CULO if you are from somewhere south of here.


Blogger Pawpaw said...

Curmudgeons never give up. They just adjust the volume.


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