Monday, January 09, 2006

Ego strokes

Rivrdog to Blogosphere, come in please.

Message follows in one part.

Lay off of the "memes", "best blog contests", pseudo-psych personality inventories and other ego strokes. If you feel your ego needs stroking, my dear bloggers, write a post and invite comments AND trackbacks. If the commenters are all trolls because you wrote some worthless crap, at least you can have fun with the troll droppings in your next post.

Contest-mongers: piss up a rope.

End of message.

Here's a hint for those bloggers with temporary writer's block: go read a lefty news service, such as Reuters or AssPress, or even IndyMedia. I'm sure you will find SOMETHING there that needs reacting to.

Curmudgeon, out.


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