Thursday, May 04, 2006

My Flag 2

OK, time to wave My Flag. This is about Me! This is what I think and I say, on other people's blogs, because I don't post every idea I come up with on mine. In the process, some of these other folk get exposure. I will link the posts of the other bloggers, and you can then read down through the comments to get to mine, if you are still interested in that thread.
  1. The Bitch Girls:
  2. Gut Rumbles:
  3. Smoke on the Water
  4. The Origin of Soul
  5. Charming, Just Charming
  6. Random Nuclear Strikes
  7. Random Nuclear Strikes
  8. The Bitch Girls
  9. Random Nuclear Strikes
  10. The Bitch Girls
  11. The Bitch Girls
  12. Smoke on the Water
  13. Random Nuclear Strikes
There you have it, a Baker's Dozen of good blog-posts, and at least one good comment to each one. Think of it as your weekly briefing on important stuff.


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