Sunday, January 01, 2006

Watch this space

...for the opening of Curmudgeon Call, a blog dedicated to the principle that all men are NOT created equal, and the better of them have a duty to improve the lesser.


Blogger B. Indigo said...

Are curmudgeons gender-identified?
I certainly qualify age-wise, but what about sex? (No, not that!)

Blogger Rivrdog said...

Why yes, my dear, Curmudgeons are ONLY male.

I posted the original Merriam Webster Online definition, here:

just so you would be advised that it wasn't I that generated this bit of sexism.

However, since you've volunteered, I suspect that you will shortly dig me up the correct word for the same characterization of a female.

I think it may be "crone", but I'm not sure.


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